Orphanage-Bangladesh is the Ray of Hope for Orphan, underprivileged and neglected children. Our activities was started from 2017 by young freelancers in Bangladesh, dynamic and dedicated social workers in view to “Save girl child and stop female foeticide” He have great vision for the development of society. We provide basic education, nutrition food, health care facility, safe and family atmosphere.


Educating, nurturing and developing the Orphan, underprivileged and neglected children by providing balanced nutrition, quality education and all-rounded development in a healthy, safe and loving environment.


  • To provide quality primary and high-school education to the children of the home.
  • To provide balanced diet and adequate healthcare facilities to the children.
  • To identify the native talents and inclinations of the children and nurture their growth into excellence.
  • To facilitate all-round development by training the children in the fields of Education, Vocational training and also freelance skill development in ICT sectors.
  • To help the children have a secure foothold in life so that they gain independence & financial security.
  • To shelter and to take care of old diseased abandoned people.


  • Every child is uniquely endowed. If his/her potentiality is identified at the right time and tapped in the right mode there is no reason why he/she cannot grow into an extraordinary personality.
  • Every child deserves develops his/her innate talent.